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Do You Need Infusion Soft for Your Business?

It seems like everyone is talking about Infusion Soft these days, so it’s no surprise that you’re searching forDo You Need Infusion Soft for Your Business? information about the company and what they have to offer. It’s likely that you’ve come across the term marketing automation in conjunction with Infusion Soft, and that’s because they were the first to market with their comprehensive sales and marketing software for small businesses.

What is Infusion Soft?

Infusion Soft is a powerful tool that combines customer relationship management with email marketing automation to grow your business. It also has an e-commerce component as well as the ability to connect to other software solutions. This helps you become more organized and efficiently work in one system rather than the chaos of multiple ones.

Known primarily for its marketing automation feature, Infusion Soft has become the tool of choice for small businesses that want to automatically follow up with prospects and customers in a customized way.

Infusion Soft is Actually Infusionsoft

You may be surprised to know that Infusion Soft isn’t the company’s name. While their name comes from combining the two words “Infusion” and “Software”, the “ware” was removed as the two words were joined.

The Power of Marketing Automation

Your customers are savvier than ever, and they expect robust personalized marketing. This isn’t possible with many of the email marketing solutions that are available. If you don’t have professional email marketing, you’ll run the risk of losing customers’ interest to other businesses that stay top of mind and can respond in a direct and customized fashion 24/7.

Remember when you forgot to check out on your last Internet order? Did you get an email reminding you to complete the purchase? That’s marketing automation doing its job without the need to hire someone to monitor carts and type out emails. Customizable email marketing campaigns help you segment customers easily and send specific email follow-up messages depending on their needs.

 Other Infusion Soft Features

Infusion Soft provides other features like lead source tracking that can help you understand which of your online marketing efforts are effective. Their lead scoring capabilities can help you prioritize the customers who are most likely ready to make a purchase. Infusion Soft also provides non-email focused service, such as generating CRM sales reports and processing credit card payments, making it an excellent all-in-one solution. And that’s just scratching the surface of its capability!

Does Your Small Business Need Infusion Soft?

Your business may or may not need Infusion Soft. While it is a powerful and dynamic tool, a company that isn’t able to invest several hundred a month in marketing isn’t a good fit. In fact, you may decide to start with a low-cost email provider to get off the ground, and then move to Infusion Soft when you are ready to go to the next level.

If your business is to the point where you are ready to invest in serious growth, you are a great candidate for Infusion Soft. Despite what many say, it’s not confusing. It simply is so customizable that some business owners feel overwhelmed. But you won’t be because I’m here to help!

If you’re ready to kick off the new year right, I’m here to help. We can explore options together and I’ll help you determine if Infusion Soft is right for your company. Schedule a free strategy session today by clicking here.