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How to Get Infusionsoft Help

Infusionsoft is the leading email marketing automation and customer relationship management software designed How to Get Infusionsoft Helpspecifically for small businesses. It’s so robust and customizable that many business owners often seek Infusionsoft help so they can take full advantage of the program. Unfortunately, the Infusionsoft help desk can only answer technical questions, which may not be what you need. If you want to take full advantage of your Infusionsoft software, here are several ways to get help, ranging from online tutorials to personal one-on-one assistance.

Get Infusionsoft Help from a Certified Partner

Infusionsoft developers want to make sure that you use the software to the absolute best benefit for your company. They know that the best people to help you with your software are in your hometown, so they offer in-depth training and certifications.  Infusionsoft Certified Partners receive extensive training and testing to ensure that they meet Infusionsoft’s high standards of service.

Genie Automation is proud to be an Infusionsoft Certified Partner, and I’m here to help you get the Infusionsoft help you need. Schedule a free strategy session today to discuss how to best automate your business.

Call Infusionsoft Help or Use Chat

You can call Infusionsoft directly or use the 24/7 chat support through the software itself. The Infusionsoft help team is friendly and can assist you with technical questions. If you have a campaign that doesn’t seem to be working correctly, a promotion code that’s not applying or general questions about the software, you can call this team.

Use Infusionsoft Tutorials 

One of the great things about Infusionsoft is that they provide extensive online training to their customers for FREE. The online Infusionsoft help site offers tutorials and online training that will help you get started. It also has tutorials on setting up your sales team and e-commerce module. Each category has step-by-step information to help you understand the software.

Check Out Forums or Social Media

There are thousands of active users of Infusionsoft, and many of them have great information that can help you succeed. In the Infusionsoft Help Community Forum, you can find answers to questions that have been asked by customers in your shoes. You can also ask a question if you don’t find what you need. There are topics ranging from marketing basics to more advanced API and custom development features of Infusionsoft.

While there are several ways to get the Infusionsoft help, sometimes you just need a customized, personal plan. With Genie Automation, I can offer you strategic advice that will help you use Infusionsoft to grow your business. Contact me today for a free consultation, and let’s get your marketing automated and on the road to success!