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Isn’t it Time You Automated Your Purchase Funnel?

Are you still doing some aspects of your purchase funnel manually? Are you personally opening your email every dayIsn't it Time You Automated Your Purchase Funnel? and responding to individual questions and sales requests? Does your newsletter require a ton of manual work every week or month?

If so, I’ve got great news. You can automate your purchase funnel and save yourself time while also improving your service.

What is a Purchase Funnel?

A purchase funnel, or a sales funnel, is a process by which you get prospects and leads to buy from you. A sales funnel starts long before the actual sale. In fact, the most effective purchase funnel has three phases: Attract, Sell, and Wow.

  • Attract: Gain attention from people who don’t know you, and engage them in an ongoing relationship.
  • Sell: Offer specific products and services that can help your audience, and offer them in a way that makes them attractive and encourages people to buy.
  • Wow: Continue to follow up, value the transaction, and build the relationship after the sale. This leads to referrals and repeat customers.

Key Elements of a Purchase Funnel

A funnel needs to have a purpose at every level. Think carefully about what you are trying to do, and the actions that you would like your audience to take. Consider what steps a prospect needs to go through before they’re ready to purchase from you.

Once you’ve mapped out the process, you’ll need to create specific marketing assets for each step of the purchase funnel. Here are the key elements for each stage:

  • Attract: Free content, content related to search queries, and social media posts
  • Sell: Content to educate about specific product or service options, copy that shows how your product or service solves key customer problems, and an offer too good to refuse
  • Wow: User guides, access to customer service and forums, education about additional products or services related to the initial purchase. Ask for referrals and make additional sales offers.

How to Create and Automated Purchase Funnel

Now that you know what to create and what process each new prospect will go through, it’s time to create and automate your purchase funnel. You certainly don’t want to be doing everything yourself every time you gain a new follower!

In creating your funnel, begin with the end in mind and work backwards. Have the “wow” phase completely in place before you make your first sale, or you’ll make a terrible impression! It’s also essential to have the sales portion of the purchase funnel complete before you bring in too many prospects. You want to ensure they have a great experience!

As a result, begin at the bottom of your purchase funnel first. Create your order collection process, your purchase forms, and make sure your merchant account is seamlessly connected. Make sure your products or services are ready to go.

Secondly, work on the middle of your funnel, where you nurture leads until they become customers. This is where automation can really shine. Using a tool like Infusionsoft, create email campaigns that are automatically triggered when a customer signs up for your free ebook or webinar. Create additional campaigns that will educate your audience about their needs for your product and service, and eventually offer your solution for their problems. With these automated campaigns in place, you can rest easy knowing no prospect will fall through the cracks.

Finally, work on the top of your funnel to attract attention to your company. Create content for blogs, social media, and more. Promote your content on a variety of platforms. Create your free giveaway ebooks or webinars. Then, set the whole purchase funnel in motion.

We would love to help you strategize and create the perfect purchase funnel for your product or service, and automate it too! To learn more about our services, click here now!