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Save Headcount with Pre-Screening Automation

Are you tired of having your human resource staff spending hours manually reviewing applications and resumes? I Save Headcount with Pre-Screening Automationpromise you they’re tired of doing it too. Your sales staff is probably also tired of manually screening leads for follow-up potential. Fortunately, there is a simple solution. By using pre-screening automation, you can ensure that your human resource department, sales department, and others only spend time on the most qualified candidates. This can help you save time, money, and even headcount in your organization!

What is Pre-Screening Automation?

Pre-screening that involves your staff not only causes an increase in staffing hours, it also opens the possibility of errors. Fatigue, bad judgment, carelessness, and even favoritism are all factors that can lead to a bad hire. As you know, even one bad hire can cost 2 TIMES the employee salary to let go and replace, not to mention lost time, productivity, and increased stress.

Automated pre-screening, however, removes human error from the process. The systems are built for speed, accuracy, and compliance to whatever guidelines you set. In hiring, it can help you remove the unqualified applicants right away, so you only spend time reviewing qualified resumes. In sales, pre-screening automation can help you identify candidates most likely to buy, so that your sales team only spends their time calling and meeting with prospects who are “hot” and likely to convert.

However you use pre-screening automation, you’ll save a lot of time and headache in your organization. Also, you’ll be able to save money by reducing your headcount, and keeping your staff lean and focused on high-quality value-added activities.

Tools for Pre-Screening Automation

There are a variety of tools for pre-screening automation. On the hiring side, many online job boards have pre-screening criteria you can set up and use. You can also interface the candidates with your pre-screening software, which you can get from many human resources software vendors. However you do it, separating the qualified candidates from the rest will help cut down on poor hiring decisions, saving your organization a tremendous amount of time, lost productivity, and money.

On the sales side, Infusionsoft is a great tool for automatically pre-screening prospects so your sales team can follow up with only the best leads. This process is also called “lead scoring.” By researching the characteristics that make a prospect more likely to buy, you can define the settings that assign “flames” to prospects. Then, the automated pre-screening takes over, running constantly and tracking prospect behavior. Your sales team can immediately see which of you prospects have performed actions that indicate they are highly likely to buy. As a result, sales team members can follow up with only the most high-probability prospects and spend more time closing sales.

Pre-screening automation is an important process that helps you save time, money, and headcount in your organization. It also helps prevent human error and isn’t affected by fatigue, carelessness, or vacation time. By implementing pre-screening automation in your hiring and sales processes, you will improve your company’s performance and positively impact the bottom line.

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