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Should You Start a CustomerHub Membership Site?

Many business owners are looking for a way to create income on a steady, predictable basis. Finding a way for this Should You Start a CustomerHub Membership Site?income to be passive in nature is ideal and creating a membership site is a great way to meet both of those needs. A membership site provides ongoing income and requires little maintenance to keep it going once it’s set up.

What is a CustomerHub Membership Site?

CustomerHub is an easy-to-use, cloud-based software that is offered by Infusionsoft. It allows you to build a password-protected membership site where you can offer your best content to your best customers. By uploading new content, you can share your offerings based on their level of membership.

You can also use CustomerHub as an add-on resource to an existing product, allowing your customers to access free updates and additional training. It also makes a great lead generation portal to capture and nurture leads.

What are the Benefits of a Membership Site?

Creating a membership site has a variety of benefits. Here are just a few:

  • Reliable Income. While there will be a certain amount of “churn”, or lost customers, a membership site can provide you with a reliable, consistent income over time. As with any business offering, you’ll still need to encourage customer retention and regularly bring in new members.
  • Build Trust. A membership site can help you build trust with your prospects and customers regardless of whether or not you charge a membership fee.  By providing valuable information in an environment that’s exclusive, you make them feel special, and you build rapport that leads to sales, referrals, and raving fans.
  • Protects Your Content. A membership site helps you share your valuable content with those who need it while making it much harder for others to copy or steal. Most thieves won’t go to the trouble of signing up and handing over their information – or payment – to misuse your content. They’ll probably go after an easier target.
  • It’s Simple to Set Up. CustomerHub makes it very easy to set up a membership site. Rather than wrestling with the technology, you can use it along with Infusionsoft to provide an instant, seamless experience.

Is a Membership Site Good for Your Business?

Every business is different, but many would benefit from a membership site. As you contemplate whether a CustomerHub site would give you a competitive edge, consider the following questions:

  • Do You Have a Clear Niche? Sharing valuable content is helpful when the information is specific and actionable. You want to make sure that your information appeals to your target market who is excited to learn and willing to pay for your expertise. You can even use a membership site to target a new customer group.
  • Are You Different? Think about what unique angle you can offer, what particular experience you have, and how you can relate that to your target market’s needs. Being different helps you stand out from the crowd.
  • Do You Have the Time and Resources to Maintain It? A membership site is a great way to share information and earn money, but it does take some maintenance. If the site isn’t regularly updated, and there aren’t new or interesting things to learn, people will lose interest and cancel their membership. If you keep it updated and fun, not only will people stick around, but they’ll also refer your site to friends and colleagues!

Having a membership site is probably something that would be a great benefit to your business, but you may not have the time or resources to set one up right now. I understand, and I can help. I’d love to help you create a membership site strategy that improves your bottom line. Schedule a free strategy session with me today!