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Steve Olsher

She has my highest recommendation.

Janelle Bledsoe is the REAL DEAL. I've been an entrepreneur for 25+ years and have rarely found anyone who has the brilliance, attention to detail and ability to effectively implement and quickly execute a strategic game plan quite like she is able to. Seldom have I been able to really 'let go' and allow someone else to handle an important project because, quite frankly, what people say they can do and what they can actually do are often monumentally different. Not Janelle. If she says she can do something, it gets done... well... the first time. If she can't get it done, she'll tell you... immediately... so you don't have to guess as to whether or not it's being taken care of. Truth be told, if Janelle could clone herself and there were 10 of her, I'd hire 'em all! She has my highest recommendation.