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The Importance of Business Automation

Business automation can be a complete game-changer for your organization. There are tremendous benefits, from The Importance of Business Automation increased efficiency to reduced costs. Once you set it up, it just continues to run. You may make changes on occasion, but by its nature, it doesn’t need a lot of hands-on time.

What is Business Automation?

A lot of people talk about automation without really knowing what it is. A simple definition is that automation reduces the need for human intervention. It’s about setting up processes that are triggered and happen automatically, like a series of emails being sent out when someone signs up for a free download.

The best business processes to automate are those that currently involve a lot of manual work. Start first where an immediate response is required. This includes customer service, prospect nurturing, and sales.

Businesses benefit from business automation in a number of ways. First of all, errors are reduced when human intervention is reduced. Computers don’t get tired, sick, or frustrated. Secondly, you get 24/7 responsiveness. Someone going on vacation no longer stops a business process. You also save a significant amount of money by accomplishing more work with fewer employees. Finally, you can make significant gains in areas like customer service that have a major impact on how your brand is perceived.

Importance of Organizing Automation

Simply setting something on autopilot can make a difference in your organization, but to gain the full benefits of automation, it’s important that all of your processes work together. As a result, it’s essential to put thought into organizing your automation to help all areas of your business.

Certain business automation tools are all-in-one systems, allowing you to automate a variety of processes within a single platform. You can work time management in with budget management, which can all coexist next to your project management. When this system includes automation, you can have tasks automatically assigned, projects automatically updated, and stakeholders automatically notified.

When you organize your automation to include multiple processes, your entire organization can operate more seamlessly than you thought possible. You’ll be amazed how much more you can accomplish when your managers and employees aren’t spending so much of their brain power reminding others to do the next steps in the project.

Automation for Business Marketing

Marketing is one area that is ripe for improvement with automation. It’s such an important part of your organization’s success, and right now you probably spend a lot of staff hours on it. You may have a very outdated follow-up process that involves sales agents making phone calls or typing individual emails. If this is you, I have great news! Your sales process can improve dramatically without adding more staff.

Here are some ways that marketing automation can revolutionize your business:

  • Immediate Follow-up. If it takes you more than 24 hours to follow up with a lead, you’ve probably lost them. Your best chance is if you can follow up within one hour.  Only 37% of organizations hit that one-hour window. Do you? If not, automation can bring your lead capture to a new level.
  • Lead Scoring. If your sales team follows up with everyone equally, your sales process can be improved through automation. Having a system that scores leads based on their interaction with you will help you focus your team’s time more effectively. Automated lead scoring can rate leads based on email clicks, web visits, and more.
  • Ad Retargeting. Retargeting pixels are a great tool for organizations with a longer sales process. Someone may visit your website and not yet be ready to buy. It takes several more interactions to get them off the fence and into buying mode. Ad retargeting allows you to follow your prospects around the web, so that they see your company name and offer no matter where they go. This can help warm leads up automatically, without investing staff hours into the process.

Stop wasting your precious time and let Genie Automation upgrade your manual systems with business automation. Set up a free consultation today!