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The Top 10 Best Email Subject Lines

The best email subject lines are like the headline of an article; it immediately grabs attention and creates interest. IfThe Top 10 Best Email Subject Lines your subject line doesn’t do that, your prospect or customer will delete it and move on. If you want to boost the open rates of your emails and get your message read, you must have a great subject line.

The Psychology Behind the Best Email Subject Lines

Exactly what your subject line should say will depend on your audience and the purpose of your email. However, there are some common psychological elements behind the best email subject lines.

The first thing that you should test is questions, especially questions that push on a specific pain point your prospects or clients are feeling. Questions are shown to stimulate the brain and encourage action. An example might be “Tired of watching your golf shot fall short?” Not only does this address something your prospect might be feeling, but you’re also adding an element of intrigue, and reading the email could help them solve the problem.

The next thing you might test is a subject line that implies exclusivity. Belonging and esteem are key human needs, and a subject line that indicates your recipient is part of an exclusive group or are getting a special message will give them those feelings. An example might be, “A secret just for you – don’t tell!”

The best email subject lines also include personalization. This involves putting the recipient’s name in the subject line itself to help them feel that the email was specifically for them and isn’t spam or unwanted email. People love to hear and see their names, which is why this is so effective. An example might be, “Jane, a special deal just for you!”

You also want to tailor the content to the prospect or customer’s pain points at this moment. An offer to solve holiday stress will resonate much more in November than it will in March. When you address something a reader is facing right now, they are much more likely to open your email and read the content.

Finally, many of the best email subject lines include an appeal to urgency. You want the recipient to feel that they must read the email now, not file it away to read later, which usually means not at all. Something along the lines of “Access for TODAY ONLY” can help encourage that feeling of urgency and increase open rates.

Top 10 Best Email Subject Lines

To give you a concrete example, here are 10 of the best email subject lines, measured by different companies. The subject lines below represent a variety of purposes, from email newsletters to marketing and news updates. Here are 10 of the best email subject lines:

  1. [URGENT] You’ve got ONE DAY to watch this…

           From Digital Marketer – Urgency and a deadline – slam dunk!

  1. 212 blog post ideas

           Also from Digital Marketer – this sounds like the email has MASSIVE value!

  1. Not Cool, Guys

           From Buzzfeed – a bit snarky and definitely a curiosity-raiser.

  1. Best of Groupon: The Deals That Make Us Proud (Unlike Our Nephew, Steve)

           Humor can be great when used well.

  1. Happy Birthday {NAME} – Surprise Inside!

           From Rent the Runway – personalized and a recognition of an important event.

  1. *Don’t Open This Email*

           From Manicube. Telling someone not to do something is a great way to get them to do it!

  1. The Broke Girl’s Guide to a Luxury Vacation

           From Refinery 29. Lots of people identify with being broke but wanting luxury.

  1. Where to Drink Beer Right Now

           From Eater Boston. Timed to arrive at 6:45 pm on a Wednesday – genius!

  1.  You’re missing out on points.

            From JetBlue. Fear of missing out is a huge motivator.

  1. Hey

          “Hey” was an email from Barak Obama and one of the most successful re-election emails of the campaign.

The best email subject lines all have an element of intrigue and help you connect with your prospect or customer personally. You can use their name, their specific pain point, a question, or much more. Use these top 10 best email subject lines as the starting point for your own email marketing campaigns, and test which ones work best for you!

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